Slickote PTFE 100

Slickote PTFE 100X is a heat cured PTFE fluorocarbon-resin bonded solid film lubricant coating.


  •   SlickotePTFE100 Provides a decorative finish for anodized aluminum castings (black- anodized appearance)
  • Provides corrosion protection, chemical and solvent resistance for metal surfaces.



  • Applied over sealed or unsealed anodized aluminum iaw Mil-A-63576 Ty3 (1000 Hrs Salt Spray and Impact Resistance)

  • SlickotePTFE100 can be Applied to metal parts to provide a dry lubricating surface with a low coefficient of friction. (not for food use)

  • Low gloss black- for use on guns, riffles, armaments (used by OEM gun manufacturers)
  • Alternative to E-Coating for automotive specifications: GMW 14671 Ty F (over anodize finish)

Color Range

Before and After

Our Slickote Coating gives the low grade cast-aluminum the appearance of high grade alloy with a durable finish.